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Memoirs of a Filipina
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When I first came to America in 2006 and attended high school in Houston,

I never realized the stereotypes for Asian people.

I was taking a Spanish I class and even though the Filipino language is derived from Spanish, there are still some words that I’m not familiar with such as ‘que’, ‘nosotros’, etc. So when my teacher asked me to construct a sentence on the board, I was livid! I didn’t know how to do it!

I stood there in front of everyone for about a minute. Then a non-Asian classmate of mine (I’d rather not say the race because I know some people out there are WAY too sensitive.) yelled out loud, “Hey, you’re Asian! Aren’t you suppose to be smart?” 

Um, excuse me? Suppose to? Whart kind of fuckery is going on inside your ignorant head?

I hate this. I hate stereotypes. Yeah, sure it’s funny but when you directly tell a person about some type of stereotype (“Oh, you’re Asian! You must be a bad driver!”) and have this expectation for them to live it up …  Man, you are just dumb. Everyone is smart. Anyone can be great at math. Anyone can be a bad driver. Race has nothing to do with it. I mean, there was this Caucasian male classmate I had that was such a genius in Science. He’s smart and he’s not even Asian! Stop stereotyping people. That goes to show how ignorant and immature you are.

After that Spanish I incident, I got the hang of the class and became one of the best students. Needless to say Mr. Ignorant came up to me and asked me if he can copy my homework. Haha! I simply said no and told his rich ass to do his homework himself.


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The word for today at my class was Apple.

Then one of my students named Lucas walked towards me during playtime. He pointed at my boobs and said, “Apple!”

I was shocked!


… They’re actually watermelons!

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I used to complain how my job as Hollister was hard.

Now that I’m working at a school as a teacher’s assistant, my job at Hollister is nothing compared to this.

In Hollister I don’t have to worry about screaming kids, attending to their every need, teaching them their ABC’s and 123’s. All I have to do is say hi to whoever walks in, fold clothes, run coffee errands for my boss and work behind the register. I was 18 and I thought it’d be cool to work at such an “awesome” store. But now that I’m 20 and trying to graduate as soon as possible for my education major, I need to find a job that’s gonna let me see what my career would be like and would look good on my resume.

I’m SO fortunate to have a job at the palm of my hands. I didn’t have to work hard to get it. I just got it because my sister works there and is one of their best employees. They believe since I’m her sister, I’m going to be as good as her. When I worked at Hollister, I was one of the best but that never really mean much now. I want to be the best teacher’s assistant I can ever be because not only do I want to look good for myself, but I want to look good for my sister. I love my Ate and I would never, ever want to disappoint her. I would not forgive myself if I ever mess up on my new job and my sister finds out about it. I can’t let that happen.

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