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Memoirs of a Filipina

The sound of the rain woke me up and I’m surprised I didn’t wake up with a hangover considering the amount of alcohol I drank last night. Well, at least tonight I’ll be out drinking again.

Thank god.

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This day can’t get any worse. I hate how my house doesn’t have any alcohol at all… Sigh, at least tomorrow I can drink my ass off.

I need it. 

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Liking someone is weird because you wanna kiss them but at the same time punch their throat.

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I have no clue where to visit in L.A. aside from the attractions from the tour bus ride.

I want to explore L.A. on my own (on Thursday) and I feel like just going to a nice cafe and stay there for awhile. I just don’t know where though.

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I’m in L.A. and oh my goodness the weather is so nice! I can’t wait to explore the city!

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I’m too excited for my trip to L.A. tomorrow!

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It’s hard to love yourself when you have given a part of you to someone. And once they’re gone, you’ll always feel empty - that is, until, another person fills it with their souls. You then find yourself into their world,  never knowing what yours looks like.

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10 days till my trip to L.A.! Is there any places you guys recommend for my family and I to visit? 

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It’s hard to sleep when a lot of things are flooding through your mind.

…sigh, I need to leave Houston for a bit.

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