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Memoirs of a Filipina

Hello, my name is Karen!

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Someone asked me to go on a date and he is incredibly kind and fashionable. 

I’m pretty excited!

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"And I wonder if you’re at the end of my red string of fate."

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…And I begin to wonder how much I meant to you.

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It took me a good semester and a half to talk to this guy who I thought was hot. Normally, I’m awkward but maybe it’s the late night, maybe it’s the boredom, but I’m not totally awkward around him once we started talking. I’M ACTUALLY, LIKE, FREAKIN’ FLIRTY AROUND HIM. HOLY SHIT, SON. I have no idea what came over me…

Example of our conversation (I was trying to make him guess something and he asked for a hint, but I ended up teasing him):

Him: Why are you teasing me??

Me: I don’t know, LOL.

Him: Well then you gotta tell me the whole thing cause you don’t have a good reason why.

Me: If you ask for my number, I’ll tell you.

HOLY MOTHA - I don’t talk like this in real life! I’m gonna see this guy on campus and he’s gonna see I’m super awkward and then my face will get red and, and, and, and …

 I haven’t been single in years so it feels weird, but in a good way! You think you know yourself but you really don’t. You learn something new about you everyday.

I’m single now and I don’t feel bad about it.

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It’s been awhile since someone else has called me cute and what’s worse is that he looks like Satsuki Shishio from Hirunaka no Ryuusei.


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There’s a certain kind of loneliness in keeping your secrets to yourself vs. letting everyone know your secrets and being afraid of the outcomes. 

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I hate the long distance…

I came across an old, OLD Facebook message from my ex. Man, have you ever felt that moment where you just want to cry and apologize to a person so badly? Yeah, this is me right now. I don’t know where he is and I can’t find him on any social network. He’s a freakin’ hipster so I bet he’s got some cool username that I can’t simply guess. Our last conversation was him and I being friendly again. He wanted to be friends, but I declined because I was already dating the man I am with now and told him I can’t be bothered to speak to old lovers. BIG FUCKING MISTAKE. I wish I could have been friends with him. He is a wonderful man with a kind heart to boot. 

The regret is heavy on this one.

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My boyfriend (bass) and his friend made an awesome song! Now, to add lyrics.