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Memoirs of a Filipina

Hello, my name is Karen!


"Again today, I walk with my cellphone in my pocket. But even though I’ve waited for so long, I haven’t heard from that person. It’s just like I’m walking with loneliness shoved inside my pocket."

Radwimps, Keitai Denwa 

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So keep in mind, NEVER take for granted the ones who love you. They love you despite all your faults and have stood by you through the tough times.

They deserve the same from you.

Especially to the ones who love them the most.

"Old habits die hard when you got a sentimental heart."

She & Him, Sentimental Heart

"You make me feel like I could touch planets. You want the moon girl, watch me grab it."

Far East Movement, Rocketeer

"Yeah I’m sorry I can’t afford a Ferrari, but that doesn’t mean I can’t take you there."

Cee lo Green, Forget You